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Onesies Give NoFcks

A few times a year, my friend @casey3920 organizes rides under the @nofcksgivengravel moniker. In a nutshell, she puts together gravel routes that drop bar bikes have no business being on, and then invites all her friends to ride them with her. A solid strategy, to be sure. To make sure we don’t all die, her ride-or-die mans an aid station somewhere along the route that has become something bordering on legendary. Solar oven heated bacon, macaroons, and Nutella-banana Hawaiian roll sandwiches have all featured prominently in past events.

Because of the pandemic, we all gave a few Fcks and there were no NoFcks in 2020. And then in the first half of 2021, we were all too busy doing races and figuring out which way was up. So the time had clearly come for a resumption of giving NoFcks. This past weekend was that time, and I was honored to help Casey with the route design. It was based off of the Kundalini route I designed and rode with @brentprenzlow and posted about last December, but with a few tweaks to make it both less and more punishing.

All in all, it was a great day out with a regular and extra credit route to keep everyone entertained. And the aid station lived up to its reputation. In fact, it was even more next level this time around. In addition to the bacon and macaroons, it featured home-made tiny donuts, fresh squeezed OJ, and baby water. Yes, baby water is a thing. Oh, and it was definitely a good day because I got to ride in a onesie. Again. 📷

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