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Coureur Rocks! at Rock cobbler

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Chilly morning in beautiful Bakersfield, sun rising with mountains as back drop, riders steaming at the start line. Sam & team had cooked up an adventurous route with gravel, rocks, single track, all with go-kart and bmx circuits included. Buckle up because this was not going to be your average gravel event (if such thing exists). Off we go with neutral roll out, after which it's all systems go on a twisty road course before hopping onto the dirt. Some steep pitches and more technical single track with the front group pushing the pace allowed for the field to string out. It rapidly became reality that this was not going to be an easy day and freddy freeloaders would be out of luck. COUREUR had several team mates in the front group, but unfortunate flats and crashes (all part of the game) took out some riders early on. There was no shortage of team work there, helping each other out, because that's what team tactics are all about in gravel races. Meanwhile several COUREUR (BP, RD for the men and JC for the women) were still in the front group with one particular COUREUR (CB) riding through the field and picking up friends and foes on the two gruesome climbs mid race. This brought a group of 3 COUREUR riders together, chasing the leaders (PT and TJ), which ultimately resulted in positions 3-4-5th going to COUREUR for the men and 1st going to COUREUR for the women. There was no shortage of cold beer and warm fries at the after party, to top off an adventure that can only be had in Bakersfield

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Takes notes everyone, Besaw slays with the hip pop

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