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San Diego, CA - January 24, 2024 - Canyon Coureur Cycling presented by The Feed, San Diego's premier cycling team with over 300 members is proud to announce Scalar Wheels as its premier wheel partner in 2024.  Scalar Wheels, also based in San Diego, launched in early 2023 after nearly three years of development.  The company was founded to bring ENVE and DT Swiss level wheelsets to riders at a better price point while standing on a foundation of quality.  In addition to the product quality, Scalar Wheels takes pride in customer service and helping customers have the best experience possible, both on and off the bike.


As a passionate engineer and cyclist, Ryan Henderson founded Scalar Wheels to bring premium hand-built carbon wheels to riders with performance, price-point, serviceability, and reliability in mind.  One aspect that makes Scalar stand out is the non-proprietary components used to build the wheelsets.  DT Swiss hubs are loved by bike shops around the world and brass nipples provide maximum corrosion resistance.  Sapim CX-Ray spokes are not only aerodynamically efficient, fatigue resistant, and strong, but also offer superior ride quality due to their anisotropic nature.  


"When I connected with Michael and Andy at Coureur, I could tell right away that the partnership between Scalar and the team was going to be a great fit.  Coureur is committed to community, helping each other, and sharing the stoke with other riders.  The wheels enable people to ride bikes with friends and family in new and old places while having fun, but it’s really the people that matter most,” shares Ryan.


Scalar Wheels is currently focusing on road, all-road, and gravel segments.  In the road category, there is both a Performance and Elite Series, with three different rim depths offered in each.  The Performance Series is built around DT Swiss 350 hubs while the Elite Series is built around DT Swiss 180 hubs and utilizes a higher modulus carbon in the rims for those seeking to maximize their performance.  The all-road wheels are like a swiss-army-knife in the lineup, accepting a wide variety of tire widths and perfect for road-riders seeking an ultra-smooth ride with 32c tires, athletes on the cyclocross circuit, and/or rebels who like to spice it up by taking their road-rig off-road every now and then.  The gravel wheels boast an internal width of 26mm and come in two depths, 35mm and 45mm, which pair nicely with today's gravel-specific tires. 


"In 2023, one of the goals was to get rider feedback on the wheels and determine if any adjustments needed to be made,” says Ryan. "Overall, the feedback was really positive and we only ended up changing one thing, which was switching from anodized aluminum nipples to brass nipples for additional corrosion protection.  This will be important here by the coast in San Diego, as well as other places, for riders over the long run."  


Review excerpt on Scalar 35mm deep gravel wheels:  "…my 42 mm tires blew up perfect on the rim and it really helped the cornering ability of my bike, adding a lot of confidence to my riding experience. Overall 10/10 wheelset and can't say enough good things about the quality and ride feel of them.” 


Review excerpts on Scalar 45mm deep Performance Series road wheels:  “The wheels feel AWESOME! Feel fantastic climbing and descending, plenty stiff and light” and “feel as if they put every watt down to the ground.”


The name 'Scalar', pronounced "skay·lr", stems from Ryan's engineering background and is a math and physics term meaning magnitude without direction.  Speed, distance, and time are all examples of scalar quantities.  Wherever your next adventure leads, Scalar Wheels can help take you there.


For more information, please find Scalar Wheels online at or on Instagram with the handle @scalarwheels

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