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Scalar Wheels

Scalar Wheels is a local company that launched in early 2023 after nearly three years of development. The company was founded to bring ENVE and DT Swiss level wheelsets to market at a better price point. One aspect that makes Scalar stand out is the premium and non-proprietary components used (DT Swiss hubs, Sapim spokes, and brass nipples for example), in combination with the special touch of a hand-built assembly. Product quality and customer service are fundamental and the current focus for the brand is on road, all-road and gravel.
The name Scalar, pronounced "skay-lr", is a math and physics term meaning magnitude without direction. Speed, distance and time are all examples of scalar quantities. Our wheels are designed to take riders faster and further than before, without being restricted by direction of travel. Where will your next adventure be? Scalar Wheels can help take you there.

Find us online and give us a follow on social media for all of the latest information.

Hand-Built Carbon Wheelsets and Accessories for Road, All-Road, and Gravel Bikes

Scalar Wheels
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