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Q - But I don't use social media

That's OK. Please continue doing rad things on your bikes and in your community and send photos along with a brief description to our Social Media Hero Marc A.

Q - @tags and do they work?

Use @tags (also called “mentions”) to identify teammates and sponsors, and use #hashtags to associate your post with specific topics. Mentioning teammates and sponsors with “@“ in your comments/captions/photos lets them know the post is about them, and then can easily re-share the content. Using "#" hashtags helps your post reach an even wider audience by making it visible to people who are interested in similar posts.


For example, if you posted a photo of you and your 100% shades, you might write: “Loving my new @100percent_bike shades! #ride100percent #see100percent #stylepoints #sunglassdoping #eyewear #belikesagan #coureurcycling”

Be sure to include @coureurcylcing and #coureurcycling in all of your cycling and lifestyle posts, photos and comments.

Note: If your Instagram profile is private your posts can't be shared and they will not be seen by people that do not follow you.

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@tags and #hashtags
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